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The Chugging Crunts! Well hello children, and welcome to the official site of The Chugging Crunts, the best thing to come out of Southport since Marc Almond.

As we're officially the laziest band in the world ever, this site is still getting built. Got a problem with that? Good. Keep checking back, and eventually we'll have, amongst other things: more photos, a chance to buy merchandise and even real music!
Julia They might not reply, and if they do they probably won't make much sense. But have a go anyway.

Photos and biographies Read our amazingly deep and insightful lyrics Crunty Links! Lucifer's Crunty Corner! SOON! Upcoming Crunt gigs!
NEW! Buy limited and ultra-rare CRUNTCHENDISE from the Cruntshop!
Look at the Crunts' guestbook! Become a Crunt by signing the guestbook!
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